Jackie’s Cycle Fest training diary pt 5

Friday 28th – Trying to stay aware from booze so I went for a 12 mile bike ride whilst Mark went to the bar – lovely evening and I felt proud of myself for avoiding having a drink!

Sunday 30th – 8 mile walk with friends, 2 pubs and 3 pints of Guinness, then a little more to quench my thirst when I got home…will suffer tomorrow.

Monday 31st – Solo bike ride – read an article about Bradley Wiggins not having had a drink since New Year so I am in trouble!  15 mile bike ride – average 13.1mph, definitely suffering a little from overindulgence!

Tuesday 1st – 3 mile jog and average is back to 10 minute miles, oh dear I seem to be going backwards…   Wednesday 2nd 12 mile bike ride 1st thing – still at 13mph but a bit windy – yes in my face again and if I get to hot and bothered before work I look like a tomato for the 1st hour!

Thursday 3rd – Nothing today – T.V. was actually free for once so I caught up on what I had Sky+!

Friday 4th – Again I thought I’d go out on the bike instead of the bar! OMG!  The rain came down so hard it felt like a million rubber bands twanging on my skin!  It was bouncing off the floor and my glasses flogged up, the silt off the lanes was all up my legs and down the back of my shorts, I had to peel off my clothes….please can everyone pray for a mild, dry, wind free cool day on the 26th?

Jackie is training for the National Cyclo-Sportive at this month’s Pendle Cycle Festival. Find more info on the event website.

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