Ben’s Cycle Fest training diary pt 5

Fri 28th May – 1.5 hours.

Absolutely nothing to report about this ride.

Mon 31st May – 2.5 hours.

Should have been 3 hours but held up by another mechanical problem. If you’re riding in the event, don’t come too close to me or you may catch my bad Ju Ju.

Wed 2nd June

20 minutes to work, 70 minutes back from work (no mechanical problems, just went the long way ’round) and then 60 minutes after my boy had gone to bed. A strange way of doing it but thems the breaks.

Thu 3rd June

To and from work then back out later for an hour. Cycling to work is pretty good, I’m already planning to do it in the next School Holidays.

Fri 4th June

To and from work again.

Sat 5th June

Family party in London. Possibly undid all the good work of the last month. Prosecco and beer, not the choice of the athlete.

Ben is training for the National Cyclo-Sportive at this month’s Pendle Cycle Festival. Find more info on the event website.

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