Jackie’s Cycle Fest training diary pt 4

Sunday 23rd

Set off at 10.30am with Mark, no sun cream and what huge mistake!  I managed to get as red as a tomato due to the pace he made me go and also got lovely red sunburn round my arms and thighs, back home at 12 and the temperature was 28 degrees – mad dogs and Englishmen comes to mind!

We went from Barnoldswick to Rylstone via the main roads, very busy on the A59 (past the Race for Life at Broughton Hall) and B6265, back home via Hetton and Bank Newton 25.5miles – most cars gave us a wide berth but the odd one seemed to want to get a better view!  I had 3 phrases – ‘watch out car’, ‘I’m alright I’ll catch you’ and one I can’t repeat. Managed to spit out 2 flies whilst gasping for breath but swallowed one!  Mark seemed to think I should improve my average mph from 12.5 and although I was still suffering with my cold I finished on 13.9 mph, struggled to get off the bike though, can’t seem to swing my leg round and get off smoothly so think I’ll need to be lifted off on the 26th June!

Monday 24th
12 mile solo ride, tried to take my own videos but sound like I have emphysema and don’t think you’d find it interesting!  Average back to 12.5mph.

Tuesday 25th
Feeling energetic so up at 6.30 for a 3 mile run before work!  Wow it’s cooler today.

Wednesday 26th.
12 mile ride again before 11am start at work, very cool today, sunburn fading!

Thursday 27th
Photo shoot at work – great to see everyone together in our lovely shirts – only 2 absent……

Lots of curious looks and questions from colleagues, quite a few looked at me like I was crazy though.
My mother-in-laws birthday so I rode to Nelson over ‘over the tops’, fantastic views, very windy though, why does the wind seem to always be in my face? Keep wondering if this is a sign to put me off but I am really loving it, honest. Average now 13mph!

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