Ben’s Cycle Fest training diary pt 4

Fri 21st May – 1.5 hours.

Inspired by the good weather I go out 2 nights in a row. Found a new hill to ride up near Cowling. Very nice all round.

Sun 23rd May – 3 hours.

Had planned a longer ride but my rear wheel had an EPIC FAIL and I was left turning the pedals without moving forward. Had to be rescued by my wife from what she described as the ‘middle of ******* nowhere.’ I also ran over a ferret / stoat which was carrying a mouse in its mouth at the time. I felt David Attenborough should have been narrating. Went to the top of Tatham Fell which is on the 100 mile sportive route, it’s nasty, brutish and long.

Mon 24th May – 1.5 hours.

Put the spare wheel on the bike and had a quick spin to get the miles in I missed yesterday. Broken wheel now in the shop. Expecting a hefty bill.

Tue 25th May

Wheel not repairable. Tears. Real tears. Replacement is £340. Sticking with the spare.

Wed 26th May – 1.5 hours.

Got soaked. A man in an ark passed by in the opposite direction. 10 minutes later it was sunny.

Thu 27th May 

Cycled to and from work. 25 minutes each way, so not too much of a stretch. We had a photo shoot of the team for the National Sportive. As we were riding the 5 minutes to get to the shoot in work time, it occurred to us that for just a few minutes we could think of ourselves as pro cyclists.

 Thought for the week: Would it be cheaper to take up golf?

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