Ben’s Cycle Fest training diary pt 3

Sun 16th May – 4 hours.
A small victory! 4 hours in the saddle without getting a sore backside! Rode the 60 mile route for the sportive (more or less, I didn’t have a map.) It’s got some lovely views, but you do have to cycle to the top of some big hills to see them. The descent of Waddington Fell is fantastic, very easy to do 45mph +.

Mon 17th May – 1 hour.
Easy ride to stop the legs from seizing up after the big ride.

Thu 29th May – 1.5 hours.
First ride if the year in really good weather, lots of cyclists on the roads, lots more sat outside pubs. I was a good boy and kept riding.

3 thoughts for the week:

  1. Why is every cyclist I meet in the Ribble Valley called Dave?
  2. Why does the Sun only seem to come out when I’m going up a long hill and not when I’m coming down the other side?
  3. How many midges is it possible to eat in a one and a half hour ride and does it count as one of your five a day?

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