Jackie’s Cycle Fest training diary pt 3

Jackie at Waddington FellGreat news – I now have a strap on gel saddle courtesy of my father-in-law Mick! Absolute bliss!  Highly recommended and appreciated!

Not been to well this week – full of cold so I haven’t been out since Monday but I now have the inspiration after watching an evening with Mark Beaumont  at the Burnley Mechanics – he cycled the world and also cycled from north to south America with saddle sores and 40 days of headwinds but didn’t give up! So now when I am feeling tired and sore I think of his journeys.

View Mark’s website here.

Only local rides last week  – 9 or 12 miles but on Monday 17th Wendy I did approximately 40 miles with my colleagues Wendy and Aaron.

We meet at the White Bear in Barrowford and cycled up to Barley, then round the first half of the route to Waddington Fell. We timed ourselves to see how long it would take to get the the summit – Aaron and I have done it before but Wendy was a first timer! Wow – the sun was shinning, wind in our face though but we all managed in one attempt to get to the top in 30 minutes – I now have a speedometer so could watch the distance ebb away.  Great feeling when we got to the top!

Aaron had a great idea to video us going back down (will upload soon) – so off we set and got carried away watching the speedometer that he couldn’t catch me – I got up to 45.4mph and decided I had better brake as I didn’t want to go
back up and start again!

Got our shirts on Wednesday – a little tight but we will all look fantastic on the day!

5 weeks this week-end!

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