Ben’s Cycle Fest training diary pt 2

I’m hoping to gain a couple of mph once I can go for a ride without 3 tonnes of winter clothes on. I’ve only done one ride this year in shorts. Of course when / if the shorts finally do come out, there’s the perennial question of ‘to shave or not shave?’

This is what I’ve been up recently:

Sun 2nd May – 2 x 2 hour rides. 2 hours to a children’s party, 2 hours back. Sore down below. After struggling over hills earlier in the week, I decided the best course of action was to avoid them. Got lost in Keighley.

Tue 4th May – 2 hours. Hilly. I used to like going up hills. Ironic moment of the week: Went over a ‘SLOW’ sign, I was doing 4mph.

Thu 6th May – 1.5 hours. Only one hill, still struggled up it. Confidence is not high.

Sat 8th May – 1.5 hours. While Bradley Wiggins was winning stage 1 of the Tour of Italy, I was struggling to get as far as Skipton.

Sun 9th May – No idea how long. Ride on the Leeds and Liverpool canal towpath towing my 4 year old on his ‘trail-a-bike.’ ‘Look Daddy no hands!’ ‘That’s OK Felix, but not in traffic!’ It was good for practicing my balance if nothing else.

Tue 11th May – 1.5 hours on the coldest May night for 15 years. Got soaked, could barely hold the handlebars for shaking. This is meant to be fun.

Planning a long ride for this weekend to try and make up for the lack of miles this week. I’m moderately concerned about getting around the course now.

Ben Boardwell, cottages4you

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