Jackie’s Cycle Fest training diary pt 1

The Pendle Cycle Fest is taking place in a few weeks. If the fact that we’re sponsoring the event wasn’t enough to convince us, then the amount of extra lycra spotted around the office definitely should. And as a number of cottages4you employees are gamely stepping up to the challenge of the National Cycle-sportive, in aid of Pendleside Hospice, we thought we’d ask a couple of them to share their motivation techniques and training schedules to help inspire you for the big day.

First up is Sales Team Leader and self-proclaimed competitive cycling novice Jackie Bonsall:

When the email came around about the event my colleague and friend Wendy Peacock said ‘let’s do it!’ So I went home and told my husband, Mark and he mentioned this to his boss at Hope Technology, Ian Weatherill (they laughed a lot) but Ian ordered me a fantastic Scott Speedster S20 hybrid bike, so I got the lycra out and got going (my 3 daughters  Rebecca 18, Natalie 16 and Katie 13 are so embarrassed by the sight  of me in it!)

My aim is to complete the National Cycle-sportive with Wendy without too many tears! I also want to loose some weight and generally to be able to go out regularly with Mark!

Starting weight 11 10lbs, I’m hoping to loose 1 stone by the date of the race so my favourite tipple of Guinness will have to be limited!

I’ve been training for about 3 weeks and so far I have managed to get up all of the local hills with only one mishap in the wind and rain on my first day and I am so proud of myself that I have not had to get off once since that day!

I am so lucky to be surrounded by hills! Some routes I’ve covered and will use regularly in my training are all from my home in Barnoldswick to :

  • Earby  up  Wysick, Ghyll Brow, Greenberfield to the top of Brogden and back.12miles
  • Greenberfield, top of Brogden and back.9miles
  • Greenberfield, top of Brogden, across to Downham via Twiston and back 20 miles
  • Salterforth drag, Blacko to Brogden and back 12 miles.
  • Bolton by Bowland via Paythorne 19 miles

I have been jogging for a number of years so I am also still doing a couple of runs a week, averaging 9.5 minute miles.

If you’d like more information on the event then please click here to visit the Pendle Cycle Fest website.

Please click here to learn more about Pendleside Hospice.

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