Something for the weekend? 06/11/09


Hope you had a suitably spooky Halloween this weekend. You certainly shouldn’t have been short of terrifying things to do all over the country.

Now you should find a far less scary selection of activities this weekend – provided you’re not scared of loud noises. But even if you are  we’ve included an extra activity that doesn’t involve exploding fireworks, burning Guys, toffee apples and sparklers. We’re thoughtful like that.

So, let’s get planning!

It’s not quite the weekend but they’ve decided to mix things up in Liverpool this Thursday night by not focusing on the demise of Guy Fawkes, but celebrating the 40 year anniversary of the moon landings, which sounds far more civilised to us. Visitors to Sefton Park, Newsham Park and Walton Hall Park will experience a 20 minute display of pyrotechnics accompanied by spaced themed music and genuine NASA communications. It should be just like going into space…but with better car parking facilities.

Find out more on Liverpool council’s website.

Battersea Park in London have also chosen a more friendly theme for this year’s event. This Saturday at 6pm, Pains Fireworks are coordinating a fireworks extravaganza with the theme of ‘Love’ (awwwwww). The show is choreographed to music and promises a spectacular display of music, sound and light. Pains Fireworks have a great history of making beautiful explosions so if you’re in London this weekend you’d be remiss not to get down to Battersea.

Find out more on the Wandsworth council website.

If you’re not into big bangs and fancy something a little bit quirkier, then the Tar Barrel Rolling that takes place in Ottery St Mary in Devon could be right up your alley. In fact the event is so quirky that it doesn’t even take place at the weekend!  As the name suggests, the event features a procession of flaming barrels making their way down the street. Why? Nobody knows, but when something is this different, your best course of action is probably to just go with it. If you’re in Devon on Thursday, why not stop off and investigate?

Try to find out more on the Ottery St Mary tourism site.

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