Just how many pairs of shoes do you need for a cottage holiday?

A womans feed amongst lots of shoes
Shoe Crisis!

There’s no better way to feel instantly at home at your cosy holiday cottage than to pop on your slippers the moment you arrive so make sure you pack your favourites.

Depending on your plans during your stay will determine the type of footwear you need but whether you’re planning to climb Mount Snowdon or you’re simply content with taking a stroll along the beach each morning a pair of sturdy walking shoes or boots will always come in handy!

Wellies are also a great footwear option and a great opportunity for the children to splash through puddles or for adults to simply show off their Kate Moss inspired fashion wellies or hunters!

And for that afternoon in the local pub comfy cosy is the key and a pair of Timberlands or UGG boots will never be out of place!


2 thoughts on “Just how many pairs of shoes do you need for a cottage holiday?

  1. I’ve got 3 simple rule criteria when it comes to shoes buying.

    1./ Are they comfortable (in all likely conditions) ?
    2./ Will they last a bit ?
    3./ Can you run in them (if being chased by a large dog, as the benchmark) ?

    And if they don’t cost a ridiculous amount of money, they’ll do nicely.

    My wife says that there’s far more to it than that.

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