Photo Competition; September Winners

Here they are… the September winners of our blog photo competition!
We are very happy with the large number of entries this month. We hope so see at least as much entries for this month so keep them coming !!

The quality was again very high again so the jury had a tough time.

The jury responsible for selecting this months winners:

  • Andrew Hill: Manager Online Services
  • Nigel Flory: Holiday Cottages Group Image Management
  • Stuart Humphrey: Holiday Cottages Group Image Management & Professional Photographer

The jury scored all entries on “Holiday Feel”, “Composition”, “Subject”, “Impact” and “Originality” with “Holiday Feel” and “Originality” being the main criteria.

So, here they are; the winners of the cottages4you iPod and the pictures that have a chance to win the grand prize (GBP 300 discount voucher) in December:

Nature: Blue sky and sea gull on Cromer Pier by Doreen Bracken

Andrew: This sums up a Great British seaside holiday.  Stare for a while and you can almost hear the screech of the seagull, feel the sea breeze in your face and smell those fish and chips.  A great shot, nicely composed.

Stuart: The seagull completes this scene. Screeching as it wheels away from the photographer and adding the extra element it compliments the railings, drawing the eye up the frame.

Nigel:What says more about the British seaside than the boardwalk of a classic, white painted cast iron pier , the Ocean liner for the ‘landlubber’. The seagull conveys the freedom and escape we all strive for whilst on holiday.

Action: Footballer on the Beach by Chris Mole

Andrew: What lighting! Soft orange tones as the sun sets on a fun day at the beach, just time enough to have one last kick around before heading back to your digs, having a shower, and going out to find a nice restaurant for a slap up meal.  Superb shot and a nice sharp silhouette.

Stuart: Pembrokeshire or Copacabana? Chris has captured a nice sharp image, beautifully lit and framed. You can almost smell the ice cream and suntan lotion even though it’s a welsh winter!

Nigel: Absolute classic action shot and perfect composition of both the silhouetted figure and the faded occupants of the background, a feeling of you can do anything on holiday is expressed in this great image.

Cottage Life: Yummy by ‘louisaviolet’

Andrew: A nice big helping of everything please! great shot of really interesting produce.  Nicely lit, with highlights from the window.  The results of a good day scouring the local market stalls! P.S Anyone know what the green vegetable is…??

Stuart: Careful composition highlights the subject of this photo perfectly. Well exposed and a nice depth of field make this photo worthy of a gourmet foods magazine. Tasty!

Nigel: A nicely composed image conveys a sensual gastronomic side of a cottage holiday in France, a time to sample local fayre in on it’s home ground.

Congratulations to you all ! We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to make sure you’ll receive the prize.

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