Blackpool Illuminations 29 August – 2 November 2008

Enjoy Blackpool by night with Blackpool Illuminations!

“As the summer season draws to a close, Blackpool looks forward to long autumn nights bathed in light and colour.

Blackpool Illuminations are considered to be the greatest free light show on earth, which entertains millions of visitors each year and brings glowing warmth to even the coldest October evening.”

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Remember that a holiday cottage in Blackpool is the ideal accommodation to visit this event.

3 thoughts on “Blackpool Illuminations 29 August – 2 November 2008

  1. Dont forget that Blackpool has the largest number of shows in the UK, well outside of London that is. There are great historic Victorian theatres, end of the Pier theatres and great showbars. With shows for young and old, Blackpool has entertainment for everyone.

  2. Blackpool is currently developing a 15.5 million pound Tower Festival Headland which will host many outdoor events. The promenade will be closed for traffic for 5 months from Novermber whilst the transfomration is in progress. The Headland will include a new wedding chapel and an arena with seating for 20,000 people. Just one of the new attractions comming to Blackpool

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