Photo competition; August winners !

Sorry for the slight delay but here they are… the August winners of our blog photo competition!
Unfortunately we received fewer entries this month. Keep them coming for September !!
The quality was very high again and our jury had a tough time selecting the winners.

The jury responsible for selecting the winners:

  • Andrew Hill: Manager Online Services
  • Nigel Flory: Holiday Cottages Group Image Management
  • Wayne Dentith: Professional Photographer

The jury scored all entries on “Holiday Feel”, “Composition”, “Subject”, “Impact” and “Originality” with “Holiday Feel” and “Originality” being the main criteria.

So, here they are; the winners of the cottages4you iPod and the pictures that have a chance to win the grand prize (GBP 300 discount voucher) in December:

Nature: Yorkshire Fog by ‘Flossypops’

Andrew: A great ‘layered’ effect moving from the logs in the foreground to the tree line and eventually the sun. Superb composition and a great photo.

Wayne: Yorkshire Fog….. Absolutely agree that you can enjoy your holiday whatever the weather. I love the shapes,this photograph creates a mystical atmosphere.

Nigel:The Morning mist has yet to disappear as the sun is just about making an appearance here, the cut logs reach up and the faint trees complete this composition.
Great Image.

Action: Norm reaches the top; just… by Cecilia Bones

Andrew: This photo sums up a great holiday of fun and exploration. The sun’s out, the weather’s good – time to get out and explore on the bike. This snapshot captures the ‘rosy-glow’ and happiness that a day’s biking can give.

Wayne: A good action shot, I like the shadow of the bike and Norm’s beaming smile at the top of the hill.

Nigel: Outdoor pursuits like mountain biking bring lasting memories to holiday experiences, especially when you are the first to the top. Congrats.

Cottage Life: Room with a view by ‘FAL2008’

Andrew: A great photo – made even more impactful through the use of black and white and the framing effect of the window. Your eye cannot help but peer into the distance and wonder what else lies outside. And who could a resist waking up to a beautiful landscape everyday…

Wayne: Excellent composition with great depth,especially like the tonal range and textures in the “frame”

Nigel: Classic glorious wilderness shot framed by the derelict window. A photographers favourite trick but always effective. Well Done.

Congratulations you all ! We’ll get in touch with you today.

3 thoughts on “Photo competition; August winners !

  1. cant believe i have only just seen this!

    that is my picture, i did enter it myself, but never knew i had won yay!

    it is a very accidental photo and one i am going to make into a limited edition of prints.

    thanks everyone for your great comments even if it was year ago!

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