Kettlewell’s Scarecrow Festival – 9th to 17th August 2008

A Scarecrow Wedding

Kettlewell is a delightful village set in the Yorkshire Dales.  Every year the villagers prepare 100s of scarecrows in various guises and locations and encourage visitors to walk the “Scarecrow Trail”, spotting scarecrows and solving associated clues which are centred round a different theme each year.

Nick Smith experienced the magic of the Scarecrows in a visit to Kettlewell…

I wanted to share our fun day out at the Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival which we experienced on a short break in the Yorkshire Dales. Nearly every property in this quaint Yorkshire village contributes to the festival, and the fun is in discovering another house or backstreet with yet another imaginative scene outside it.

Cruella de Scarecrow

From children’s favourites, such as Bob the Builder to more topical scenes and different scenario’s (such as the scarecrow wedding at the local church!) there are hundreds of these to find. A little competition (either an adult of children’s version) made it feel we were on a mini treasure hunt our own.

It was truely amazing how vivid some people’s imagination can be!

3 thoughts on “Kettlewell’s Scarecrow Festival – 9th to 17th August 2008

  1. i have been to kettlewell scarecrow fesival every year and every year it has just got better! i has i am 12 years old then it is rwally enjoyable for me and i have had my photo taken with the wedding scarecrows ever since i was 1 years old!!!!!!!!!!! my mum and dad are planning to go again this year and i will probably have my photo taken with them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is also the same with the maypole scarecrows. i love seing all the different scarecrows!!!!!!!!!

  2. I took some picture myself this year. However, my boyfriend spoilt it all by pointing out that the “tradition” only started about 20 years ago and there are actually no arable crops in upper wharfedale, hence no real scarecrows. Great fun nonetheless.

  3. Visited Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival for the first time this year – a friend recommended it.
    It is absolutley brilliant, when my boyfriend suggested it I wasn’t too bothered but I am so glad we came. Our 8 year old son loved it too – he really enjoyed the childrens hunt & we enjoyed the adult hunt too.
    Congratulations. See you next year!

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