Self catering or self constructing ?

In a previous post we reported on some holidaymakers shooting and eating the ducks from the pond at their holiday cottage.
Less dramatic but at least as remarkable, we seem to have customers that are willing to invest their own time and money to change their holiday accommodation to their taste.

Not even if you don't like the colour...Customer Services reporting….

“A family was not happy with the colour of the kitchen in their hired cottage and decided to repaint it…”
We don’t know if the cottage owner was too happy about this.

“A woman who hired a cottage to give birth close to her family didn’t like the bathroom and she decided to spent thousands on refurbishing it.”
In this particular case the cottage owner was quite happy afterwards.

We can imagine that a holiday property may not be 100% to your liking but we recommend to discuss with us and the owner first before you consider using your paintbrush or sledge hammer….

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