What are your first impressions…?

Well, it’s great to see so many thousands of people visiting the cottages4you holiday blog and seeing what it’s all about. It might take a short time to get up and running and into a “blogging rhythm”, so to help us get there, why not leave us a comment, to tell us what you think of the blog?

  • Do you like the idea of a holiday blog?
  • Do you like the categories we’ve set up?
  • What about the articles so far – what’s good / not good?
  • What would you like to see more of?
  • What should we do less of?

Any and all ideas and requests are gladly considered, so speak your mind and help us to build this blog into a really useful area for informative and inspirational holiday ideas…

11 thoughts on “What are your first impressions…?

  1. Well it’s great to have a blog and the chance to share comments on your business perhaps.
    Personally speaking – I have used your company several times and had greatholidays at all the cottages I have booked. My gripe is that I never seem to get an immediate email acknowledgement of the booking – even though you take my money… Why is that?

  2. Thanks for the comment Frances. We’re so glad to hear that you’ve had a number of great holidays with cottages4you in the past. It’s true that, in this day and age, people expect quick responses and confirmations that their purchases and bookings are all in order. We’ll be updating the email response mechanism in our website shortly, and rest assured that we’ll continue to review and refine processes in all areas of cottages4you to make our customer’s lives easier.

  3. Am adding to blog by using a “reply” to your initial blog…….so how exactly do I start a new blog??
    Have had a couple of good hols in your cottages. A request however – would you please please include a facility on your website so that people can chose a location and get up properties within specified distances. My recent and future requirements, for example, were to find somewhere in easy range of Le Mans and also somewhere near Angouleme. The nearest one can get for a search is to list the properties in a region of France. This is just too large an area to search…….going to each property in turn to find out where exactly it is in the region is very tedious and often extreemly difficult unless one knows where all the millions of town/vilages/cities are in France!
    I am still looking for properties within about quarter of an hour traveling of the two above towns that would accomodate varying numbers from 2 to 14+ so I can organise group runs in clubs I belong to.
    Also – just wondering why this blog appears as a narrow column down the middle of my screen so that only about half the available width of the screen is used.

  4. Dennis – we agree with your comment entirely and we’re currently working on imrovements to the way customers can search and view properties on our website. Keep your eyes peeled in the next few months for your idea appearing on the cottages4you website!

  5. I like the blog, it’s a good idea.

    I think the whole ‘cottages4you’ service would be improved if you allowed people to make comments and rank the cottages, after they have stayed in them.

    For instance, in my experience that the photos sometimes don’t tell the full story about a place, and ‘enclosed garden’ is sometimes not a proper garden. If a guest could make a comment about this, I think it would set better expectations for future guests.

  6. Dear Thomas, it is great to hear you like the blog. We truly value the feedback from and the engagement with our visitors and customers.
    We like your idea on customer ranking and comments and in fact this is high on our list as future improvement. In the meantime our regional managers inspect all the properties we have on offer on a regular basis to ensure the description and pictures reflect the reality as close as possible.
    Visitors’ comments will be a great future addition.

  7. This is a good idea! Provided the feedback that is given is honest this can only help you to improve the visitor’s experience.
    For example, last year’s accommodation that we booked with you was dire ( IMHO).
    This year, I reckon the place we have booked with you looks great judging by the photo’s.
    Needless to say, I’ll let you know when we get back.
    I will visit the blog regularly and watch with interest!

  8. Steve – thanks very much for your ‘honest feedback’! Thousands of customers have great holidays with us every year, so naturally it’s dissapointing for us to hear that you felt our usual high standards were not met during your last holiday.

    Hopefully you sent us feedback after the holiday to explain why your expectations were not met. Our Customer Service department works hard to ensure that any points of dissatisfaction raised by customers are brought to the attention of the property owners and our team of regional managers.

    Despite this, we’re glad you booked with us again and we hope you thoroughly enjoy your next cottages4you holiday. We also look forward to hearing how enjoyable it was! Let us know…

  9. It’s great to be able to see others experiences. We have just returned from France and although the area we were staying in was lovely the house/cottage was pretty dire. I have just completed the questionaire and unfortuneatly was unable to enter all of my comments as there were not specified sections to complete them in. Now I will need to make a call!!

  10. Dear Mr Stokes, thanks very much for your feedback.
    We have checked with Customer Services and they are very happy to deal with your questions and to give you a call. If you could provide us with your booking reference number (please send an email to blogmaster @ holidaycottagesgroup.com) we’ll make sure they will contact you to address your questions.

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