Enjoy a stroll on the beach and save marine life!

sharks trust

While combing the beaches, pay close attention as you’ll be able to help save marine life !

Shark Trust is calling on all to take part in The Great Eggcase Hunt.

By collecting the so-called mermaid’s purses and sending off the information to the Shark Trust, you can help mapping out the existing sharks nursery grounds. This information is important, as skates and rays lay relatively few eggs, so by knowning these areas, skates and rays can be better protected and monitored.

The empty case, which has nourished and protected the infant skate for months, is often washed up on beaches. The size and shape of the eggcases vary depending on the species of skate.

What you can do to help?

courtesy of eggcase hunt
courtesy of eggcase hunt

The Shark Trust has created an eggcase identification guide and eggcase identification key that tells you what it is you might have found. You can send in the information using the form on the Eggcase Hunt site.
More information can be found on the Eggcase Hunt website.

So take to the beaches, keep some beachcombing tips in mind and have a great eggcase hunt!

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