Active Holiday – Mountain Bike Skill Course

Nicola Weaver DMBIf you are looking to spend a few days of your holiday actively, are into mountainbiking and would like to take the opportunity to improve your skills, consider a mountainbiking skill course offered around the UK and across Europe.
You should be able to find biking centres and schools in the most stunning setting such as in Scotland, The Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, Wales as well as the continent in beautiful spots – for example in the South of Spain where centres with English instructors are available.

On a skill course you can expect to learn either the basic or more advanced level of:

  • Bike and equipment choice
  • Bike set-up
  • Gear selection
  • Body position
  • Descending and drop-offs
  • Climbing and technical climbs
  • Line choice
  • Efficient braking
  • Balance Techniques
  • Riding Technical sections
  • Cornering
  • Wheel lift, wheelies hops, jumps
  • Night riding

Dales Mountain Biking“Preparing for my short mountainbiking break in Cornwall, I have enjoyed a skill course in the beautifull Yorkshire Dales organised by Dales Mountain Biking.”

ctcFor inspiration and more information on Mountain Bike skill courses in the UK checkout for example the CTC website or check-out one of the centres in Andalusia Spain called SeasonallyUnAdjusted offering rides and skill courses.

TIP: enjoy a mountainbiking holiday in Spain during the dark and cold UK winter!

And off course you’ll be able to chill-out in your cottage, appartment or villa after an intense day. We offer a wide range of holiday villas in Andalusia Spain on our site.

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