Customer Service… Family scoffs pond ducks

Holiday Cottage Pond Ducks Scoffed

It can be a challenging job ensuring that our customers have the best holiday possible and equally tough delivering a good service to the property owners. Once in a while, however, the odd (to say the least) behaviour of some of our holidaymakers make it even more difficult (or interesting, depending on how you see it).

A while ago we had to apologise to a cottage owner after a family staying at the property had taken the liberty of shooting all the ducks at the cottage pond to scoff them. The cottage owner discovered the sinister deed when arriving back at the cottage and finding the place scattered with feathers. We can only imagine how the owner must have felt.

And if you think the above is strange… over time we have collected quite a number of anecdotes which we’ll publish on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled.

Please let us know if you have experienced anything extraordinary, bizarre or downright hilarious on a cottage or villa holiday.

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