From the Office… cottages4you bake-off

The chips are down…the talk is over…the cottages4you office ‘Bake Off’ competition is on!

Amazingly, a wide range of great looking cakes found their way into the competition, demonstrating that there are a number of budding Delia Smiths / Gordon Ramseys in our midst.

Some of the comments that the judges had on the entries:

  • Burnie’s biscuits: “The most burnt, most e numbers and the craziest decoration!”
  • Date & Walnut cake – Generally considered “the most professional” and won the ‘Best Cake EVER’ award from Ian G – Quote from Nick “it’s the cake most likely to have been made by your mum!”
  • Sponge cake – best branding and definitely the jammiest Buns – win the ‘booby prize’ and considered succulent!
  • Malteser Brownie cake – Split the judges in consistency – Paul claimed it ‘light’ but all thought it was delicious!
  • No Name, No shame – award for the best ‘floater’
  • Choc cake – considered the best for taste, presentation and quality – but let down by the dull name!
  • Ginger biscuits – win the prize for being closest in colour to Sal’s (my) hair colour – also the judges wanted to know where the rest of the biscuits
  • Ginger cake – delicious and moist!

Jury Final Top 3 ranking (with the favourite getting 3 points)

1) Date & Walnut cake
2) Sponge cake
3) Ginger cake

1) Sponge
2) Chocolate cake
3) Date & Walnut cake

1) Malteser brownie
2) Sponge cake
3) Date & Walnut cake

Therefore the official winner was the sponge cake branded ‘Cake4You‘ by Heather Osborne. Be assured that the jury did not need to eat lunch after their thorough judging work.

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